Simpson Lumber Company, LLC

Simpson Lumber Company, LLC operates facilities in Washington state, where it produces Douglas fir and hemlock dimension lumber and Georgia and South Carolina, where it produces Southern yellow pine dimension lumber used in home construction. At Simpson, we use every part of the tree except its shadow. Byproducts of Simpson Lumber's manufacturing operations such as chips, bark, sawdust and shavings are sold to make paper, other construction products, or landscape materials.

Lumber Product Flier

Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company, LLC

Simpson's pulp and paper mill, located in Tacoma, Washington, specializes in white top linerboard which is primarily used as the clean, printable outer surface of corrugated boxes.

Rainier White®, the mill's flagship linerboard grade, is popular for its superb printability and strength. The mill's family of white top linerboard is manufactured in basis weights from 31# through 74# and includes specialties such as wet strength, waxable, high performance and solid white coverage.

The mill also produces specialty natural linerboard, including stain resistant (for use in food packaging such as pizza boxes), saturating and building board and bleached and natural papers for use in coin wrap, grocery bags, multiwall shipping sacks, and butcher and freezer wrap. The mill also manufactures unbleached kraft market pulp.

Simpson was among the first pulp and paper companies to offer an environmentally friendly elemental chlorine-free bleaching process. As a result, its bleached products and mill effluents have no detectable dioxins.

Simpson Door Company

Simpson Door Company manufactures some of the world's most beautiful stile and rail wood-panel doors in a wide variety of door designs compatible with nearly every architectural style and price category. See Simpson Door Company's website for a virtual catalog.